High daytime stress levels can impair sleep!

High daytime stress levels can impair sleep!

High daytime stress levels can impair sleep by prolonging how long it takes to fall asleep or cause fragmented sleep. In some incidences, sleeping patterns may resume once the stressors have disappeared, but this is not the case for everyone. Some people fall into a cyclical pattern of sleep loss (insomnia)

Stress and Sleep Disorders share many common traits and have a reciprocal relationship, making it important to manage both mental health problems simultaneously.    What came first: chronic, unmanaged stress or lack of sleep? 

Lack of sleep can cause a negative mood, low energy, difficulty concentrating, irritability, and daytime sleepiness. Unmanaged stress also presents with the same symptoms. Did you know that if the body feels stressed, it is not supposed to sleep deeply?   The body has a built-in defence mechanism when under stress. This defence mechanism functions to keep you alert and ready to defend whatever comes your way. It is called the flight or fight response, and hormones produced within the adrenal glands keep firing until the perceived threat is diminished.

Feeling a heightened state of alertness in the evening can delay the onset of sleep and cause nighttime anxiety, leading to fitful sleep patterns. Being anxious before bed makes it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. Anxiety also affects your REM sleep.  

Research has shown that managing daytime stress (how the body responds and recovers from stress) may improve the duration and quality of sleep.

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Healthology Stress Less helps to manage daytime stress, and Healthology Sleep Great works on the five stages of sleep so you can stress less and sleep great.