Discover Tips for Workplace Mental Wellness

Discover Tips for Workplace Mental Wellness

Let’s face it, post-pandemic, we are in a new era of living. Many of us are experiencing higher levels of stress, anxiety, or PTSD for a variety of reasons. Things have changed immeasurably these past two-plus years.

Numerous people are returning to the workplace, while others have been juggling the situation for quite some time. Dread over long commutes, the office environment, potential health risks in shared or communal areas, or simply an overwhelming workload on an already overflowing plates are real concerns we need to address. What is more, is our coping strategies may require modification, or they may not be working at the level they used to be.

Simple Solutions to Manage Workplace Stress

Plan Ahead – Think about the measures you can take to feel in control to reduce stress. A long commute? Perhaps an informative or funny podcast to take your mind off the congested traffic situation. A shared office? Consider a small HEPA filter for the area or an aromatherapy diffuser with calming essential oils. A massive workload? – Schedule and plan the day. For many people, tackling the most difficult tasks at the start of your day can get it over with and allow you to move on with what is less foreboding, reducing stress and anxiety.

Take a Time Out - Take some deep diaphragmic (belly) breaths to help decompress. When we practice this technique in a normal state of relaxation, it offers better results when we need it in those times of anxiety or panic. Close your eyes. Breath in through your nose (smell the fragrance of a beautiful flower) as deep as you can, hold for 4 seconds and then breath out. (Imagine filling colourful balloons filled with your worry that float away).

Avoid Naysayers – Prolonged negativity impacts our mental health. And for some of us, it is contagious and can become habitual, which creates neural pathways in the brain that can encourage sadness. Try to recognize and halt negative thoughts. Replace them with a positive one and build a more positive outlook over time. Example: “I can’t handle all this work; I’m never going to get it done!”. Replace it with something like “I can stay organized, clear some of this off my plate, and make a large dent in it. There are only so many hours in my shift.”

Supplements to Support Better Workplace Wellness

Bacopa Monnieri has been used traditionally as an adaptogen. This Ayuervedic herb is known for its ability to reduce stress, anxiety and cortisol levels resulting in improved cognition and memory. AOR Bacopa Enlighten is an ideal choice for individuals looking to decrease angst and reduce mental fatigue at work.

Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) – researchers have found that this herb has a positive impact on generalized anxiety without the side effects – (including cognitive impairment) that many anti-anxiety medications have. St. Francis Herb Farm Passionflower can assist with the transition into restful sleep especially due to restlessness or having trouble sleeping due to mental stress.

Magnesium – This micromineral is known for its relaxing effect as it is essential for proper muscle function. But did you know it is also essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system and neurotransmitter activity? Supplementing with Platinum Naturals Bisglycinate offers a higher bioavailability and better absorption.

L-Theanine & Magnesium from Veeva can up your game by delivering l-theanine and magnesium. It helps improve physical and mental performance (promotes learning, concentration, focus and mood). The addition of B6, B12 and folic acid supports neurotransmitters to aid psychological well-being. Two capsules per day. Easy.

Essential Oils – Where to start? There are so many to choose from, based on your needs. These highly concentrated therapeutic plant oils are a simple addition to your home: car or office. Organic Lavender Essential Oil is the most versatile of all the essential oils. It is well-known for its relaxing, soothing, and rejuvenating properties. Lemon is refreshing and energizing for both the mind and body. It helps clear the mind and sharpen focus while possessing antiseptic properties

Organic Peppermint Essential Oil- Clearing and reviving, inhaling a few drops on a tissue quickly revives head tension and is an aid to concentration. Who doesn’t love the refreshing scent?

Give Yourself Permission to Breathe

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Remember to breathe!

Wherever you are in your life, we hope you give yourself permission to breathe. We hope that you take time every day to take stock of all the amazing parts of yourself, and you check personal criticism at the door.

The world we live in today is not easy; demands and stresses are bearing down on us every day. Our hope for you is that in a world that is always rushing, you can find a moment of stillness in your life to just be in the moment.   Whatever that moment is.

If you feel grief, give yourself permission to feel it. If you feel tired, give yourself permission to take a rest. If you feel joy, then allow yourself to celebrate happiness. If you are not sure what you are feeling, release the pressure of trying to define the feelings and just be in the moment

Whatever happened today, this week or this month, give yourself “Permission to Breathe

  • To remember
  • To honour
  • To celebrate
  • To nurture
  • To practice thankfulness
  • To laugh
  • To cry
  • To Breathe

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