Practice Self Care This Fall

Practice Self Care This Fall

As the season changes and spring descends into fall, it can create different feelings and emotions in people. For some individuals, it is a time of letting go and setting new goals for the rest of the year. For others, it is a time of sadness, a feeling that winter will soon be here and much of the year has passed by.

Whatever your emotions, allow yourself to feel them and express them. We need to end the stigma around our expression of emotions and urge people to stop hiding feelings. Emotions and feelings are like a form of energy that we need to release if you we want to have better mental health

Practice Self Care This Fall

Self-care is the practice of looking after your own physical and mental health in ways that support and enhance a good quality of life and prevent illness. Self-care can also be defined as any intentional action taken to increase one’s physical, mental and emotional health. Everyone’s self-care needs are different so start by analyzing what you need in your life to ensure a better quality of mental and physical health.

You have permission to rest. You are not responsible for fixing everything that is broken and are not responsible for making everyone happy. You are responsible for yourself, your own actions and your own well-being.

Talk a walk-   Embrace the cooler temperatures put on a comfy sweater or jacket seek out the changing colours around you. No matter where you live there is most likely evidence of the fall colours. It may be an entire forest or a few trees around your neighbourhood. Bring along your favourite coffee or tea and just be.

Have some fall fun- Embrace the inner child in you and seek out fun fall activities. Visit a pumpkin patch for the perfect pumpkin to carve, go apple picking or take a hayride.

Bake an old family recipe- Dig out an old family fall recipe and rather than rush through the ritual from start to finish, take your time and let smells and memories take you back to different times. Take stock at how far you have come.

Cooler days and nights are a perfect time for a warm bath and a good book. Create all your favourite smells and use the time to decompress from your hectic life.

Declutter your closet- as you transition your closets from summer to fall clothes, use the time to declutter your closets. Getting rid of things that we no longer need in our closets is a cathartic way to do the same in our lives. Put on some music and allow yourself to sing and dance to the songs that inspire you.

Cozy up with your thoughts- If you have been keeping a journal read through past writings to see how far you have come and patterns of self-harm that are emerging that you may want to work on. Create a new journal entry that brings it all together and set some attainable self-care goals for the rest of the year.

Self-care is the act of caring for the needs of oneself! Define your needs and adapt them to your life


Give Yourself Permission to Breathe

Sold out
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Remember to breathe!

Wherever you are in your life, we hope you give yourself permission to breathe. We hope that you take time every day to take stock of all the amazing parts of yourself, and you check personal criticism at the door.

The world we live in today is not easy; demands and stresses are bearing down on us every day. Our hope for you is that in a world that is always rushing, you can find a moment of stillness in your life to just be in the moment.   Whatever that moment is.

If you feel grief, give yourself permission to feel it. If you feel tired, give yourself permission to take a rest. If you feel joy, then allow yourself to celebrate happiness. If you are not sure what you are feeling, release the pressure of trying to define the feelings and just be in the moment

Whatever happened today, this week or this month, give yourself “Permission to Breathe

  • To remember
  • To honour
  • To celebrate
  • To nurture
  • To practice thankfulness
  • To laugh
  • To cry
  • To Breathe

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