Harness The Power Of Plant Proteins

Harness The Power Of Plant Proteins

Incorporating plant-based protein in your diet is not only healthy for you but also healthy for the environment. Still not convinced.? Here is what we know

Very few people consume the recommended daily servings of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and fibre. Plant-based meals are an excellent source to meet and exceed daily requirements with the added bonus of phytonutrients and antioxidants. Phytonutrients are the elements found within plants that promote wellness and prevent disease. Replacing some animal-based proteins with plant-based options may help decrease the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

The fibre in most plant-based proteins increases satiety (feeling of fullness) and can help regulate sugar imbalances/spikes. The added fibre in plant protein can also promote good gut bacteria and improve gut health.

Plant-based proteins generally have a slower absorption rate compared to whey proteins. Slower digestion results in a more sustained and prolonged supply of amino acids to the muscles, creating a more extended anabolic response.

Plant-based protein is an excellent option for individuals with lactose intolerance or dairy allergies, promoting better digestion and gut health.

Animal-based foods have the highest negative impact on the environment out of all the food groups.

Studies indicate that it costs more to produce meat and dairy than growing vegetables and grains. Plant-based protein powders are made from various plant sources such as peas, rice, hemp, soy, faba and quinoa, among others.

When Choosing a Plant-Based Protein- The Brand Matters

Not all plant-based proteins are created for the pure health of the user. With the popularity of plant-based protein, many brands have jumped on board to grab their piece of the limelight. Choosing a plant-based protein wisely can help you have a positive experience with this new protein source. Taking advantage of the benefits of plant-based proteins has never been easier than with VegiDay!

VegiDay 100% Plant Proteins are part of a growing movement that encourages us to support a sustainable future by choosing to eat more plant-based foods. VegiDay products & ingredients are sourced only from similarly "green-minded" companies. They look for suppliers who practice organic farming, guarantee non-GMO ingredients, and are committed to sustainability. VegiDay Raw Organic Plant-Based Protein provides 20g of protein per scoop. It is a 100% vegan protein powder featuring pea, rice, pumpkin, quinoa, spirulina, and chlorella. All VegiDay products are organic, non-GMO, free of artificial colours and preservatives, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

VegiDay All-in-One Vegan Organic Nutritional Shakes are the perfect blend of Whole Food ingredients to get the most out of your day. This all-in-one, non-GMO plant-based formula provides protein, fibre, greens, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support the health of your body. Whether used as a snack, workout supplement, or on-the-go energy boost, VegiDay All in One Shake & Go offers a delicious and ethical choice for nourishment. It provides 21g of complete raw vegan protein per serving. VegiDay All-in-One features a comprehensive range of vitamins and minerals. It contains organic superfoods and greens harvested from Natural Factors Farms and all the required essential amino acids.