Do Utensils in the dishwasher go up or down?

Do Utensils in the dishwasher go up or down?

The debate on how to stack a dishwasher has long been the cause of debate and can often lead to silly arguments between spouses. While the frustration with loading a dishwasher is rarely the underlying cause for the argument, it can often be the final straw in some people's hectic day.

Is there a right way to load utensils in the dishwasher

While this may still be up for debate, according to a recent "Readers Digest Article," the debate has been solved!

The recommendation is to load utensils in the dishwasher with handles facing up! 

The rationale

  • Knives have blades, so lading them with blades up is a safety hazard
  • Loading the other utensils with handles up has more to do with hygiene. If you have just cleaned and sanitized your cutlery, you do not want "germy" hands picking them up by the end; you will put them in your mouth.

Although interesting, most dishwasher utensil baskets that come with prefabbed holes are designed for handles down!   Perhaps we will see new designs with the handles-up theory in the future!

Another helpful tip on loading utensils!

  • For the best cleaning results, do not load the same type of silverware together. For example, loading a pile of spoons or forks together does not allow the water to pass through as efficiently.