What are the germiest Surfaces We touch

What are the germiest Surfaces We touch

Not to be germ-phobic, but it can never hurt to protect ourselves against the upcoming season of colds and flu.   Keep in mind that we all need germs to help build up our immune systems, and to live in a germ-free world is impractical and not a healthy option, so allow some germs in so our bodies are prepared to fight against them when they arrive. On the flip side, if you are aware of some of the germiest surfaces, washing your hands after touching them may help reduce the number of daily germs you come into contact with and protect yourself and others. 

Take a look at what made the list of top germiest public surfaces.

Debit Machines/ PIN Pads!

Using debit cards and touch-free scanning has not only moved us into the future but is also a great way to keep germs at bay. However, if your tap is not working and you must use the machine to finish your transaction, immediately reach for the sanitizer. The hundreds of people before you who have used the same machine may not be as diligent as you are regarding hygiene.  

Money !

Money laundering has nothing to do with keeping it clean ( in the sanitary sense), so when you reach for money from the bank machine or as part of any transaction. You can expect that it is going to carry lots of germs!   Some of which are just too gross to mention!

Resturant Menus!

Restaurant Menus can be a hidden home for bacterial organisms. People use their fingers to eat, use the washroom, and get the picture. During pandemic days, many restaurants used to keep sanitizer on the tables to help reduce germ exposure. With the practice put aside, bring out your bottle of sanitizer to encourage use with your dinner guests.

Grocery Store Germs Galore!

Ironically, where we buy our food is one of the germiest places we can visit. From freezer door handles to shopping cart handles and kids’ seats (in carts). There are simply a lot of surfaces that several people come into contact with every day. It is not the best place for a person to be if they have germ phobias, so be aware of the situation and perhaps use a wipe to open doors and touch handles or consciously avoid touching your face or that of your child while in a grocery store and wash your hands before leaving.

Elevator Buttons!

Especially the first-floor button! If riding an elevator, everyone at some point has to push the first-floor button. Unavoidable, but perhaps try to use your knuckles to avoid finger germs that tend to end up on our noses and eyes through our natural propensity to touch our faces.

Public Germs!

Avoiding germs with any form of public travel is next to impossible. But making yourself aware of surfaces that hundreds of other people touch daily is a great way to become germ-aware. Escalators, handrails and armrests are great places for germs to linger from person to person.

Unless you live in a bubble, germs are everywhere, and trying to avoid them all will only increase anxiety. Allow your body to come into contact with some germs to help build your healthy immune response, and be aware of some of the germiest surfaces so you still feel like you have some control over your germ intake.

Why does simple hand washing work?

Washing your hands is the simplest way to avoid transferring bacteria and germs. Good old-fashioned soap and hot water is best. However, alcohol-based sanitizer is effective in a pinch and prevents running to the washroom whenever you touch germy things.