What Cardiologist do to Keep Their Heart Healthy

What Cardiologist do to Keep Their Heart Healthy

Take the Stairs Attitude-  You may not have a set of stairs where you work, but the idea is not just about taking stairs. It is about parking farther away, taking stairs, walking to the mailbox, taking stand-up breaks from work, and generally getting active in some way every day.   A few minutes of exercise throughout the day is much easier for most busy people to manage. And even a few minutes a day can help reduce future risk of heart disease.

 Don't Skip Breakfast - Breakfast is still the day's most important meal. Most breakfast options will contain some form of fibre (fortified cereals, breads, oats, fruit, etc.). Fibre has a positive impact on managing cholesterol. Skipping this important meal also causes blood sugar levels to spike at your next meal and plays havoc with your metabolism, which can lead to increased weight gain.

Avoid the drive-through- As tempting as a box of fries or quick hamburger is. Cardiologists are not entirely void of eating processed foods all the time. However, most food offered through a drive food is laden with processed fats and high amounts of sodium.

Drink Water- Keeping the body hydrated helps the heart pump blood more efficiently and allows oxygen to reach the muscles, including the heart muscle. Aim for 64 ounces of water every day.

De-Stress- Everyone has stress, but finding an outlet for managing stress is critical to a healthy heart. An increased stress response will negatively affect blood pressure and increase inflammation which can lead to arterial plaque buildup.

Spend Time with Friends & Family-   Spending time with family and friends is a great way to manage and reduce stress. It is also a wonderful way to remind oneself of what is truly important.

Live Life in Moderation-  Be gentle with yourself rather than deny yourself the things you enjoy—practice moderation. Enjoy what you eat but don't overeat. Go for a walk but perhaps reconsider the marathon. Not every day will be perfect, and you may not get it right, but that is okay, give yourself a break and get back at it again tomorrow.