Make This Year about Intention Rather Than Resolutions

Make This Year about Intention Rather Than Resolutions

It is customary to examine the past year of your life and check the boxes of your failures and successes. Did you achieve the goals that you set out to achieve? Did you stick to your resolutions? We often take stock of our personal and professional accomplishments and measure them against others. The process of which can make you feel elated or deflated.

Why not approach this year differently? Rather than create resolutions, which are firm decisions to do or not do something. Choose to live your life and dedicate your entire year to living with intention.

  • Living with intention means that every day you determine the path that you are putting yourself on.
  • Living with intention means being mindful of your actions, how and where you spend your time, and what you choose to focus on.
  • Living with intention means that you train yourself to recognize what makes you feel happy or sad. And consciously decide to change or adapt your life for more balanced happiness.
  • Living with intention means that you decide what to chase or what to leave behind. It means choosing what you do with care and consciousness rather than out of habit or expectation.

If you are living with intention, you are consciously aware of how the world around you affects your well-being. And you make adjustments in your present life on how you view the situations. So you can be a better version of yourself. It is not about creating and controlling your environment. Living with intention is about how you choose to react to your environment.

Living with intention means that you establish daily routines that enable you to work consistently towards living a more meaningful life. By having a daily routine, you can have a positive effect on how your day and your life will unfold.

Living with intention means you are continuously looking for personal inspiration and motivation. Living with intention means being mindful of how your actions, feelings and emotions affect you, but also how they affect others.


Living with intention is not a day-to-day rule or a resolution. It is a day-to-day process of doing your best to live your most meaningful life every day. And giving yourself a break when things do not work out exactly how you intended.How Do You Live with Intention?

Living with intention means being present and wholeheartedly engaged in what is going on in your life at that moment. But how do you live with intention?

The first step is to recognize that your life is made up of choices. And each day is a new day full of opportunities and decisions. You can choose to allow what took place the day before to decide your day, or you can consciously make a choice that affects how you will live in the present day. You can choose your mood, your reactions to other people, how you handle the stress of your day etc. Every day is a new choice

The next step is to evaluate the world around you. The people in your life and the environment that you live in. Several factors are out of our control, but living with intention is about evaluating your environment today and deciding how you can make one thing better about it today. You may let go of a toxic friendship or work to cultivate the ones you have. Your environment around you has meaning look for it.

The hardest step of living with intention is examining ourselves and getting a handle on our motivations, our passions, our talents and our weaknesses. This step requires you to decide how to explore and expand on each part of who you are. Even if it is just one small acknowledgement a day.

  • When you wake up tomorrow, start with being present.
  • Decide how you want your day to unfold
  • Spend the rest of the day trying to make it happen
  • At the end of the day, take stock of how things went
  • Appreciate what you have achieved today
  • Forgive yourself for mistakes made, tasks that did not get finished or tempers that flared, etc.
  • Before bed, make a list of what you were grateful for. Perhaps you were grateful for all those extra green lights, so you made it to work on time. Find gratitude in the smallest of events, and when the big stuff happens, you will be wowed

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