Canadian Bitters: A new spin on an old traditional digestive aid

Canadian Bitters: A new spin on an old traditional digestive aid

Canadian Bitters: A new spin on an old traditional digestive aid

You've heard the adage, "You are what you eat," but it should really be, "You are what you digest."

The many benefits of a robust, balanced digestive system – especially in these stressful times when our health is more valued than ever – inspired St. Francis Herb Farm to formulate an herbal digestive aid that's the first of its kind!

Bitters Basics  

Bitter herbs prompt healthy digestion by stimulating specific receptors on the tongue, causing the "bitter reflex."  

This reflex extends to the vagus nerve, which communicates with the digestive system, kicking it into action. This increases circulation to digestive organs and signals the release of saliva, gastric juices, enzymes, and bile – secretions essential throughout the entire gastrointestinal tract for breaking down food and metabolizing its nutrients.

Traditionally, bitter foods were included in the diet to stimulate the palate and appetite, but bitter foods are often missing from modern diets! Our palates have become accustomed to eating patterns and agricultural practices that have selectively removed bitter flavours. Bottom line: our digestion isn't as stimulated as with more bitter flavours in the diet.

Bitters also help switch the nervous system into "rest and digest" – where it can concentrate resources on digestion, helping to optimize the nutrient absorption essential to maintaining overall health.  

When taken before a meal, bitters stimulate specific receptors on the tongue that send messages to the brain, which prompt the release of a hormone known as "gastrin," which then prompts the release of "gastric acid."

Remember all these great benefits.

Reduced heartburn and indigestion – It's a common misconception that too much stomach acid is responsible for heartburn – while too little is often the underlying causeThis line of bitters triggers the healthy production of stomach acid, stimulates the smooth muscle in the stomach to increase the gastric emptying rate, and helps tone the muscles at the bottom of the esophagus, discouraging reflux. 

Improve sluggish digestion, characterized by heartburn, indigestion, constipation and bloating, by stimulating your digestive response and addressing the underlying cause of digestive discomfort.

Increased nutrient absorption – By promoting gastric juice secretion, appetite, and general digestion – bitters aid the body in breaking down food so that it effectively absorbs its nutrients! These vitamins and minerals are essential for maintaining other body systems, including a robust immune system. 

Reduced sugar cravings – The taste of bitters counters the brain receptors that encourage our sweet tooth, and they also work to stabilize blood sugar.  

Gentle and non-habit forming! Some formulas can create dependence or irritate tissues and contain stimulant laxatives like aloe, senna, and rhubarb,

New Spin on Bitters

Canadian Bitters is a unique digestive bitter tonic that relieves heartburn, bloating and gas. It prepares and supports healthy digestion.

Canadian Bitters Maple Spray!   What do you get when you combine St Francis traditional Canadian Bitters with Maple? A unique digestive bitter tonic containing nine certified organic herbs with bitter compounds that prepares and supports healthy digestion, relieves the symptoms of indigestion, and prevents nausea with the ease of a spray format and the yummy taste of Maple!  

Canadian Bitters® + Apple Cider Vinegar is a unique and powerful formula that offers the potent, time-honoured digestive benefits found in St. Francis Herb Farm's Canadian Bitters®, with the additional benefits of healthful apple cider vinegar. All in a de-alcoholised formula!

Canadian Bitters® + Apple Cider Vinegar's innovative digestive-aid blend helps relieve the discomfort from indigestion, gas, bloating, and stomach upset with a carefully crafted formula that contains a broad spectrum of certified organic traditional bitter herbs, including  Ginger and turmeric = pungent, warming digestive herbs,  Gentian, artichoke, burdock, black walnut, and dandelion = cooling bitters and Cardamom = an aromatic digestive especially effective for sluggish digestion, colic, and flatulence, The addition of apple cider vinegar complements the digestive benefits of bitters, helping to promote healthy digestive fluids, and supporting metabolism as part of a comprehensive solution for managing that waistline! 

Build Stronger Digestion – Naturally! 

Adding Canadian Bitters to your daily routine is easy: take on an empty stomach to a maximum of 1 tablespoon (15mL) daily. Ideally, bitters are taken 15-60 minutes before meals, but they can also be taken after a heavy meal or when discomfort occurs.

 Bitter late than never! 

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