Looking to boost your metabolism?   Keep eating!

Looking to boost your metabolism? Keep eating!

Small, healthy snacks and meals will continue to fuel your body and keep your metabolism working. Skipping meals, overeating at one meal and then forgoing other meals can cause the opposite effect on your metabolism!

Best Foods to snack on to keep your metabolism soaring

Avocado is high in healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which promote satiety. A study found that adding half an avocado at lunch may help people feel more satisfied and reduce their desire to eat in the hours following a meal

Chickpeas, Tempeh or humus positively affect your gut health which can help you to absorb nutrients better, provide more energy, and help burn more consumed calories. They are also higher in good fats, which promote satiety.

Beans and legumes get a bad rap because of the gut reactions they can cause in some people. But they are an excellent source of protein to help you feel full. As a protein source, they can also help you to preserve muscle mass and burn more calories while your body is at rest.

Whole grains are not just good for heart health. They contain a source of fibre which is an excellent choice for people who need extra support to reduce overeating.
Start eating eggs! Eggs are an excellent source of protein and healthy fats. They not only help reduce hunger but also feed muscles that can help maintain muscle mass. Eggs are also an excellent source of B vitamins that convert the food you eat into energy, help you process calories better and, in turn, help with metabolism.

Chili Peppers added to food can help increase your thermogenic activity and speed up your metabolism. If adding chilli peppers to your foods is not so appealing, studies also included the use of capsaicin supplements.

Avoid these three metabolism disrupters.

Anything white! (refined grains, white pasta, white rice, pastries, processed packaged foods) .   Refined grains most often contain empty calories, and they tend to lead to overindulgence.

Sugar can be found in most beverages, from summer alcohol coolers to morning juice. Be aware of the sugar content in your favourite liquids and drink them in moderation. You can also dilute juices to provide the flavour you may be craving but reduce the sugar consumed.

Granola cereals are yummy and, with added fruit, would appear to be a healthy, well-rounded breakfast to start your day. However, granola is often laden with sugar, fat and is high in calories. You most likely will get an energy spike after consuming, but it is short-lived and can be followed by a rapid sugar decline making you feel sluggish and even hungrier

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